Hailed as one of the most difficult aspects of interior design, yet also recognized as one of the most critical elements of any project is lighting design. An individual has a visceral reaction to lighting that contributes to mood and general disposition. The light in a room has the ability to accentuate the aesthetics and style unique to your space, or it can diminish the overall look if not used properly. Each room has specific needs that must be addressed in the lighting scheme. A kitchen and a bedroom require different amounts of light because the activities that occur in each are fundamentally unlike.

Color temperature is incredibly important because it helps determine the function of a room as well as the general feel of a space. One must take into account the length that space is occupied and determine whether warm or cooler temperature would be more beneficial.

The physical location of lights is also another factor of lighting design. Lamps, chandlers, track lighting, sconces, and especially artwork lighting must be cohesively integrated into the space. Lighting actually has the ability to help tie together the overall look of the house. There are many options out there, but ones must be selected that positively contribute to the concept you desire for your home.


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