The principles of William Bernard Design Group, Tony Ferchak and Lorenzo B. Mollicone joined forces in the summer of 2000 to form one of the most creative and dynamic design teams located in South Florida. With a common passion for innovative design combined with functionality, William Bernard Design Group has solidified its position as a leading interior design firm with their classic designs with a modern twist.

Each project is examined in a vacuum, first taking into account the client’s ideas and needs. Once the functionality features and general aesthetic is determined, William Bernard Design Group creates an overall vision for the space. Armed with years of experience and a discerning eye for style, Tony and Lorenzo take a kernel of an idea and manifest it into a physical space beyond the client’s imagination. Every design is unique to the client’s particular style and every room serves as a reflection of their individuality. There is a way to convey any personality through interior design in a stylish, modern, yet timeless manner. It has been William Bernard’s ultimate ambition to serve as the conduit that takes a client’s preliminary ideas and elevates them to a level that appeared unattainable prior to this design team.

The transformation begins with a simple request for a consultation. The transformation ends with a client in awe of an inspiring space.


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